Antivirus Protection

The Internet is not a secure place for personal data and is a perfect place for criminals to hide. Cybercriminals are always finding new ways to use your computer as a resource or steal your information via viruses or other online malware. Antivirus protection is essential in safeguarding your private information and protecting your computer against malicious programs.

Free Antivirus Protection To The UCLA Community

UCLA is committed to implementing ways to protect you as you traverse the network with your personal device. Sophos Antivirus protection is offered for free to all UCLA employees and students, whether you use Mac or Windows. Sophos offers more then signature-based prevention of known virus and malware–it looks for suspicious activity from URLs, code execution, unexpected system changes to your computer, and command and control traffic and activities using real time threat intelligence.

Find more information and to download Sophos Antivirus protection for free, visit the IT Support Center's Sophos Antivirus page.